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Learn How a Trial Separation Can Make or Break Your Marriage

There are many people out there that believes that once your marriage is headed in the direction of a trial marriage separation, your marriage will inevitably end in divorce. Contrary to many popular beliefs that is not true. If you want to know if your marriage stands a chance in a trial marriage separation, please [...] Read more

Marriage – Compromise to a Successful Marriage

The why of a marriage seminar is, quite simple, you would not need to go on a marriage seminar break or weekend if you were not having problems in your marriage. Lets face it, at the moment, with the recession and all the stresses and strains of our day to day life, marital problems are [...] Read more

5 Ways You’re Setting Your Marriage Up to Fail

Do you have a great relationship with your spouse? Do you think that nothing can ever tear you guys apart? Well, many failed marriages start off with that mindset until they begin to make these mistakes. Take preemptive measures to prevent your marriage from becoming a statistic in divorce. Here are 5 mistakes many couples [...] Read more

Marriage – What Does it Take?

Rudy and Marjorie were on the verge of divorce. Married 12 years, they had constant verbal battles ending in what therapists call call emotional disengagement– meaning that they simply ignored each other for days on end. Emotionally, they were simmering inside and also lonely for each other, but were unable to reach out and communicate [...] Read more

Marriage – Not Just a Facebook Status Change

Abuse in a marriage can be incredibly destructive. Depending on what form of abuse we’re discussing, it can harm the physical, mental and emotional well-being of both partners. Marriages that are abusive can be saved only if both partners are willing to change. The Face of Abuse When most people think of abuse, physical abuse [...] Read more